Case Studies

TOCS helps companies address their communication challenges by developing strategic PR programs that identify, engage and activate stakeholder communities. The following case studies demonstrate our expertise in action.

Healthcare and Technology


Disease Awareness and Patient Empowerment
This two-year campaign used a combination of strategic media relations and patient advocacy to raise public awareness of a debilitating disease from single digits to greater than 80 percent.
Educating Consumers and Potential Partners
TOCS designed a multi-faceted PR campaign for a non-Japanese maker of food ingredients to build its reputation among consumer and business audiences. Greater understanding of the company and its products quickly allowed the client to establish itself as a market leader.


Differentiation through Product Seeding
TOCS’ program used pre-release distribution of new mobile handsets to fashion and lifestyle media to generate high-profile, consumer-friendly feature content that effectively differentiated the client’s products in a highly competitive market.
Thought Leadership for Market Newcomer
An integrated media relations program allowed this non-Japanese company to build its reputation among journalists as a thought leader in an emerging market segment.

By Service


Tapping WOM Influencers to Go Viral


TOCS Organizes an Opening Ceremony in True Japanese Shinto Style

Global PR

Global Relationships in Every Major Market


Shizuoka Prefectural Government Has Retained TOCS for FY 2009 Promotion


Raising Awareness through Strategic Media Relations

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