Emerging LCC in South-east Asia

Raising awareness of the company's brand and services in the Japanese travel industry


  • To raise awareness of the client LCC brand that is top class in Southeast Asia but still low in Japan. Strategic and constant media exposure activities to promote a dynamic and exciting corporate image targeting BtoC audience for clear differentiate from competing airlines.

Activity details

  • Having promotional events at airports when new flights are launched.
  • Distributing press releases
  • Organizing press conferences for new flights announcements
  • Arranging interviews with head office executives
  • Planning and operating of on-site press tours
  • Supporting tradeshow exhibitions such as Tourism Expo Japan
  • Risk management
  • Acting as PR office


  • Successfully promoted understanding and increasing awareness of the brand in a wide range of media, including not only industry media but also TV programs, business magazines, online and local media. As a result, Japanese media and journalists gave the impression that "the airline was the most active and watchable among foreign airlines in Japan."
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