Our Basic Policy on Specified Personal Information

Privacy Philosophy and Policy

Established:November 10, 2015

Kunihiko Tsujita

President and CEO
Total Communications System Inc.

  1. As a PR company handling information, we give due consideration to the special nature of personal information and collect, use, and provide personal information appropriately to the minimum extent necessary in the conduct of our business.
  2. We manage personal information so that it is not used or provided for any other purposes beyond those for which we have obtained consent.
  3. In order to deal with risks such as unauthorized access to personal information, loss, leakage, destruction, and falsification of personal information, we will take rational preventive measures and safety control measures by investing sufficient management resources and strive to improve our personal information security system. In the event of an incident, we will promptly take corrective measures.
  4. We will appoint a person responsible for the management of personal information, give him/her responsibility and authority for the implementation and operation of the personal information protection management system, and manage personal information appropriately.
  5. Our personal information protection management system will be continuously improved through training, operation, audits, and reviews.
  6. We have established a contact point for inquiries regarding personal information, including requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, refusal to use or provide personal information, and other complaints and consultations, and will respond within two weeks.