What you can expect
TOCS to do for you?

Public Relations (PR) is a communication activity to build optimal relationships with society in order to achieve objectives, and we believe that the role of a PR agency is to "chart the best communication landscape for the client".

Based on the client's issues and themes, from the standpoint of a professional PR consultant, TOCS provides comprehensive communication methods to trigger changes in people's awareness and actions, such as raising awareness, improving image, fostering empathy, and stimulating purchasing power, this is the essence of the services provided of TOCS: Total Communications System.

About TOCS contract types

TOCS offers two types of contracts: "Retainer contracts" with a fixed monthly fee, and "Project contract" with a set budget for each individual project, such as press conferences and consumer events. We propose the most appropriate contract type according to the client's requirements and budget.

Retainer contracts
(from six months)

Support contracts on a six-month to annual basis with a fixed monthly fee.

TOCS proposes medium- to long-term PR strategies and activity plans that incorporate basic PR activities and appropriate press events, and provide comprehensive support to achieve the client's goals

Project contracts

Support contracts for one-off project work.

  • Consumer events

  • Press conferences, press events

  • Media training, Media tie-ups

  • Web production, etc.

TOCS implements the best communication activities for one-off and time-limited projects such as new product launches, media strategies for overseas executives visiting Japan, etc.

Flow up to contract




Listening to the issues of the client and providing advice on PR activities.



Provide outline of PR activity plan and rough estimate

If the client is interested in the outcome of STEP 1,
a rough PR activity plan together with a ballpark estimate are presented.



Specific PR planning and contracting procedures

If the client agrees to the activity plan and the estimate in STEP 2,
we proceed to present a detailed PR activity plan and estimate,
conclude an NDA, make a presentation, then conclude a contract.