Healthcare communication is a highly specialized practice that demands thorough understanding of regulatory codes and conscientious handling of information. Healthcare advertising is strictly regulated, and for this reason public relations can play a vital role raising awareness among and educating patients, family members and caregivers. TOCS can tap into more than two decades of accumulated knowledge and experience planning and executing tailor-made healthcare public relations programs.

Information Technology

The rapid pace of technology evolution, the esoteric nature of products and services and passionate, knowledgeable stakeholder audiences make Information Technology (IT) ・a sector that also includes Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ・a challenge to navigate with dexterity. A strong public relations program will help companies strip away the jargon and engage audiences with clear, compelling stories. Our talented consultants understand your technology and your audiences.

Global Communications

Japanese companies of all sizes acknowledge that they are walking a path that leads inexorably to the global marketplace, but few exhibit unbridled confidence in their ability to communicate with non-Japanese stakeholders and fewer still have staff with the language proficiency and cultural understanding essential for engaging with overseas audiences. The TOCS advantage is two-fold: we have an in-house staff of experienced multi-cultural/multi-lingual consultants and we have relationships with independent agencies in every major global market, providing Japanese clients with access to outstanding communications support in their market of choice.

Multinational companies seeking to develop or expand their foothold in Japan face their own set of challenges, such as an unfamiliar language and PR and media relations protocols unique to this market. TOCS offers comprehensive communication support to help non-Japanese companies navigate safely around potential pitfalls; look to us for consultation on market entry strategy and marketing & PR communications, for trade fair support, and for communication materials/platform creation, localization and optimization.


Consumer product promotion has entered a new era with the convergence of public relations and marketing. The competition is just as fierce, consumer tastes just as fickle, but now brands must contend with the challenges of social media. Gone are the days of broadcasting messages to a faceless audience; the demand today is for companies that can communicate on a human level with their stakeholders. Our consumer PR professionals help companies cultivate and manage their communities, provides strategic communication support that runs the gamut from audience monitoring and analyses to platform development, product/service promotions and in-store marketing campaigns.