Corporate PR

Strategic Planning

Our experienced PR professionals provide counseling and develop optimal communication strategies tailored to specific target audiences. While working closely with clients, we provide ingenious ideas, develop effective PR tactics and implement the right programs to support clients in achieving their goals.

Corporate Communications

Managing your brand in a connected, globalized world is a complex proposition. Every new market means a new set of stakeholders with unique interests and expectations. TOCS has been serving multinational clients in the Japanese market for more than two decades - our understanding of local audiences and their respective characteristics will help you to engage and then build relationships with the stakeholders who matter most.


Crisis and Issue Communications

Managing a crisis begins with preparation, and preparation begins with understanding the cultural sensitivities of your stakeholders. The difference between defending and destroying your reputation comes down to how quickly and effectively you can satisfy the expectations of media, consumer and administrative audiences. TOCS works with clients to develop integrated (offline + online) crisis and issue management communication strategies and plans.

Internal Communications

A strong internal communications program helps bolster your company’s bottom line by improving employee understanding of corporate strategy, providing a forum for information exchange and discussion ・especially important in a cross-cultural environment ・and attracting and retaining quality human resources. TOCS works together with clients to revise existing communication platforms or create new foundations for communicating change, managing crises, enhancing employee satisfaction and fostering a healthy corporate culture.


Marketing PR

Marketing Communications

The arrival of social networks has added a new, strategic dimension to marketing communication. The communication paradigm has shifted away from one-way branded broadcasts toward two-way authentic conversations between the brand and its audiences. TOCS has the tools to help you raise awareness and appreciation of your products and services while monitoring and shaping the conversations around your brand.

Event Planning and Management

TOCS can help you plan and execute events that meet your communication objectives. From small gatherings to large exhibitions, our experience and creativity are at your disposal. Our suite of activities runs the gamut from pre-event planning and logistics to on-site support and post-event follow-up.

Web and Others

Strategic Online Communication Platforms

The website is a company or organization’s most important communication platform; for many stakeholders, the website is not just a collection of facts and figures, but the de facto face and voice of a brand. We offer strategic website consultation covering planning, design and implementation of website communication strategies that allow brands to thrive in an ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you are a Japanese company seeking to manage a growing and engaged overseas community or an international entity interested in cultivating relationships with your Japanese stakeholders, we can help you achieve your marketing objectives through social media. From demographic mapping and platform selection to content development and community monitoring and management, we help companies integrate social media into their overall communication strategy.

Risk Management (Web)

This new era of instantaneous online communication poses a unique challenge to companies and brands. Some companies actively cultivate their brand through online engagement, while others choose to ignore the conversations surrounding them in the digital landscape. Ultimately, to ignore is to put your reputation at risk; what has taken years to build can be destroyed in a matter of hours. Under our risk management service we evaluate and monitor potential risks; develop and implement preventive measures; conduct crisis drills; and execute crisis response programs.

Financial Communications

TOCS’ experienced consultants provide strategic advice to clients seeking to communicate effectively with investors, analysts, media and other stakeholders. We offer both standard investor relations programs as well as specialized support for mergers and acquisitions. All programs are designed to comply with market-specific regulatory reporting requirements.

Media Training

TOCS’s media training program uses interactive sessions designed and managed by former journalists to provide client spokespeople with a realistic experience. We offer customized training modules that explain local market media characteristics, provide tips and tactics for skillfully handling media questions, and arm participants with the tools they’ll need to get their messages across.

Other Services

Complementing the communication practices outlined above is a menu of services that includes design and production of PR materials (press kits, newsletters, brochures), event infrastructure (booths, banners, collateral) and interactive media platforms (websites, applications); design and execution of audience surveys; and high-level monitoring and analysis of media, influencers and other stakeholders.