Healthcare and IT


  • Disease Awareness and Patient Empowerment
    This two-year campaign used a combination of strategic media relations and patient advocacy to raise public awareness of a debilitating disease from single digits to greater than 80 percent.
  • Educating Consumers and Potential Partners
    TOCS designed a multi-faceted PR campaign for a non-Japanese maker of food ingredients to build its reputation among consumer and business audiences. Greater understanding of the company and its products quickly allowed the client to establish itself as a market leader.


  • Differentiation through Product Seeding
    TOCS’ program used pre-release distribution of new mobile handsets to fashion and lifestyle media to generate high-profile, consumer-friendly feature content that effectively differentiated the client’s products in a highly competitive market.
  • Thought Leadership for Market Newcomer
    An integrated media relations program allowed this non-Japanese company to build its reputation among journalists as a thought leader in an emerging market segment.

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