Focus areas

Our client list is extensive, composed of both local and international corporations, industry associations and governments, with a ratio of international clients exceeding 70% of the total. TOCS’ proven expertise/strengths are best demonstrated in the areas of healthcare, technology, global, consumers and corporate.


Healthcare public relations require a high degree of professional knowledge and expertise as it covers many areas requiring careful and conscientious handling due to the sensitive nature of the information involved. Simultaneously, because the advertising of healthcare and pharmaceuticals is strictly regulated, PR activities play a vital role in disseminating information on disease and useful information for patients. Drawing upon our many years of knowledge and experience supporting PR activities in a variety of healthcare areas, TOCS provides effective healthcare public relations programs, tailor-made to meet our customer needs.


The essence of public relations dealing with information technology (IT) including Internet services is to present to the relevant, targeted media easy-to-understand and compelling stories distilled from a client’s more sophisticated, technical, and often jargon-filled content. Especially in public relations for B2B business, steady down-to-earth PR activities making the most use of our longtime close ties with IT-related media, hold the key to success in developing longer-term relationships of trust. And for PR activities for overseas companies aiming to make inroads into Japan, TOCS can also provide reliable and easy-to-understand solutions to clients, utilizing our rich experience of communicating in English.


Public relations in global communications has long been regarded as an important strategic area to tackle by those many ambitious Japanese companies looking to the global marketplace, but at the same time, in reality, it is an area of PR activities in which it is difficult to achieve the desired success. Not many Japanese companies can single-handedly afford to arm their corporate PR divisions with competent human resources with language proficiency, multi-cultural experience and the PR knowhow to deal with overseas audiences. The same can be said about PR activities by overseas companies and organizations eager to enter the Japanese market. TOCS staff equipped with strong language skills, sound cultural understanding and international experience offers comprehensive and optimal support for such PR communications.


In consumer product promotion, public relations activities have been integrated as a vital part of marketing. Market competition is fierce, fueled by products becoming targets of evaluation by ever more knowledgeable consumers, as well as being victims of ever changing consumer tastes. Our consumer PR professionals will provide strong communication support for companies to deploy product/service promotions and in-store marketing campaigns.


    Corporate communication is a PR strategy, and a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy to raise awareness of their company as a whole in society and among consumers. Along with marketing activities directly linked to selling products and services, it has been recognized as an important activity to sell a company brand and image, not only to consumers and users, but to make a positive impression of the company image and brand within the wider society to which it belongs. We place great importance on providing PR materials for building up strategic public relations activities to promote the entire image of a company, and not just individual products or services. To this end we offer comprehensive PR programs to promote your company to society, together with a range of activities to enhance ties with communities, such as participation in or sponsorship of cultural events, CSR activities, and environmental projects.

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