Total Communications System, Inc. (TOCS) is an independent full-service public relations consultancy that has been serving Japanese and non-Japanese companies, organizations and governments since its founding in 1989. Our bilingual consultants serve a growing roster of non-Japanese clients seeking to establish or further develop their presence in the Japanese market.

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Producing excellent products is not enough to ensure they will be quickly and broadly known by many people. You can only deliver the exact information you want to convey, to the audiences you want to reach, at the best timing you want, by constantly making efforts to deliver it strategically and effectively via mass media and the Internet. To facilitate smooth communication, you may deploy the following public relations tools to visualize PR materials and keep fine tuning touch points with society by reviewing their effectiveness and audience response. On that basis, you can launch more effective PR events, research and promotional campaigns, create messages that will touch your core fans’ heartstrings, as well as right-on messages appealing more broadly to society. Activities to more elegantly and surely convey those messages to your audiences are the royal road to increasing consumer and customer loyalty to your company and products. TOCS as a total communications agency provides a one-stop service from designing your communication strategies to producing messages, selecting the best communication tools and sending them out to target audiences, either in Japanese or English.

News releases

Every day like a flurry of dry autumn leaves company news releases settle on the desks of editors and reporters of news media and trade publications. From among such piles, TOCS will make sure your news releases are vibrant and fresh green shoots sure to attract the attention of the most jaded hack. Give us the good news, and we’ll make sure they know about it with eye-grabbing headlines and succinctly packaged information in an easy-to-use format.

News letters

News letters are the little sisters of news releases and used to distribute to journalists information on that not-so-big news story, something to be stashed in the back of their mind. They are a very useful and effective tool to maintain and manage media relations.

News conferences

News conferences are usually held when a company or an organization wants to get prominent media coverage of launching a new product or service. Our media professionals fine-comb the news conference announcements, and carefully select a speaker or speakers, and/or models, to help journalists better understand the features and advantages of the new product or service. We also provide our expert services to select the best date and venue for the planned news conference, and manage and run the event for the company, as well as look after post-press conference follow-ups.

Media roundtables

Media roundtables are held to strengthen media relations and are valuable places for free discussion between your company and the media to deepen mutual understanding in more direct and straightforward ways. We always coordinate in advance what kind of information is to be given out so as to ensure a smooth information exchange on the day of the meeting.

Press seminars

Press seminars serve as study meetings for editors and reporters. Problems and challenges your company or industry faces, as well as market trends and business prospects are explained to the media. These seminars are designed to provide information and topics for media, especially general newspapers, to use and develop later when they publish articles on industry-wide reviews and prospects. They aim at providing hints and chances for reporters to gather additional information and develop stories on the basis of the information given out. Press seminars are effective, particularly for the promotion of healthcare and technology, including security.

Press tour

Press tours are organized for editors and reporters to really see for themselves your company’s headquarters and manufacturing hubs. Press tours are often used to give journalists the chance to visit overseas plants and hubs, and especially for global companies less familiar to Japanese consumers and potential customers, they are highly useful to build the company’s brand power. Press tours often include visits to your company’s customers, as well as your company’s own facilities.

Media promotions

To conduct media promotions, we first select target print media best suited for the particular PR content and materials of your company. Then we explain the purpose of the media promotion plan in face-to-face meetings with the selected media; more details of the product or service to be promoted are provided as well as additional information we have gathered through our own separate research. As a result, the target media will be encouraged to consider coverage on their own initiative, finally leading to exposure of your company and its products and services in the media’s articles.

TV publicity

TV publicity is the broadcast media version of media promotion mentioned above. This aims to bring about free exposure on television, radio and other electronic media programs, and not in paid advertisements.

Media tie-up

Through “media tie-ups,” we work mainly with magazines to produce and publish several pages of advertisement articles, or the so-called advertorial. Advertorials are made up of mainly serious articles, often including an interview piece with a top executive about your company, corporate philosophy or strategy and business model.

Media caravan

The media caravan is one of the media relations tools used to promote a product or service. We will organize for you to visit each of the target media individually to directly explain about your product or service and provide them with information; products are often offered on a trial basis. A media caravan is a valuable means of promoting unfamiliar products and services, or industries without a high profile.

Evangelist engagement

Evangelist engagement involves approaching new media such as bloggers and YouTubers, with the aim of spreading information via social media networking. We help disseminate information on your company’s products and services to groups of consumers and potential customers often quite different from those usually approached by conventional media.

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Risk management

Companies are constantly facing a variety of risks, ranging from incidents and accidents involving employees to leaks of confidential information concerning defective products and services. Along with cover-ups, as well as manipulation of accounting and other data, todays modern business has to consider far more than just making a quality product; in today’s digital world, information on such matters spreads so quickly via online media that prompt and effective information management is a critical part of running a business. To deal with such sudden dangers we believe in the maxim: Be Prepared; by developing information management manuals, preparing advance statements covering possible risks and conducting rigorous media training for spokespersons who will be in the frontline facing tough questions from journalists, your company will be ready for the storm.

Building crisis management systems

TOCS works with the client to build a bespoke crisis management system, ranging from an internal system to cope with accidents when they occur to a communication system to prevent such accidents from ever occurring.

Media training

TOCS provides media training for your company and organization’s staff and executives to competently and confidently handle face-to-face interviews with journalists and tough questions launched at news conferences in times of crisis. The media training is both theoretical and practical with classroom lectures and realistic mock press conferences and interviews. We also offer training of your staff and executives in how to effectively present themselves at news conferences convened to apologize for accidents that may occur in your industry or your organization.

Crisis manual

TOCS works with your organization to produce a crisis communications manual and provide trainings to deal with a crisis. The initial response is especially vital as it will influence subsequent media coverage. As business operations and technology are constantly changing, crisis manuals too must evolve almost on a daily basis to meet new potential crises. To this end we will help you update your manuals on a regular basis.

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Websites have now grown to become the preeminent information infrastructure of all business; formerly the main purpose of public relations activities on Web sites was luring visitors to the search engine portal sites leading to your company’s own Web sites, and posting articles about your company and products/services on portal news sites.
In the course of time, moves to provide information aggressively to popular bloggers and evangelists have become more popular, and today social media promotion, using LINE, curation media and Instagram to spread information on topics and products, is a very important PR tool.
TOCS has built its own digital communications team with dotcom technology-savvy professionals, highly capable of presenting solutions to problems on the Internet, and offering cross-media PR plans combining conventional media with digital media.

Twitter campaigns

We can conduct promotional campaigns using hashtags on Twitter to spread particular information on social media; we can further raise recognition of your products and services.

Improving B2B SNS engagement

The difficulty of using social networking service will continue, and to respond to this, TOCS, with the cooperation of specialized companies, actively manages SNS and improves B2B engagement.

LINE communications

 We conduct campaigns to promote your products and services using the social networking application Line. We can spread information on your products and services on this SNS and effectively raise product awareness.

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