Enhance your “Communication Power” in the Japanese Market. TOCS provides custom solutions to meet your communication needs.

Strategic PR

Public relations is a critically important business activity. An enterprise has multiple messages to get across to its audiences, ranging from explaining key corporate decisions and business developments to announcing the launch/introduction of new products and services and achievement of strategic goals. The company that can clearly and effectively explain its management and business strategies is one step ahead of the competition.

In this ever-evolving Internet world, the boundaries between information creators and their consumers are becoming blurred. In such an environment, it is important that companies adopt a forward-thinking attitude toward the communication methods and tools they can use to deliver their messages to target audiences.

TOCS helps companies address their communication challenges by developing strategic PR programs that identify, engage and activate stakeholder communities.

Total Communications

Advertising, web marketing, onsite promotions – these are a few of the elements that make up an integrated communications program. Public relations plays a pivotal role by crafting the core messaging that unifies these disparate elements.

Consumer decision-making does not take place in a vacuum – in fact, we know that consumers in the market for new products and services consult a variety of sources before committing to a purchase. TOCS believes that clear, concise, audience-specific messaging is the key to consumer understanding of a company’s brand/reputation, business practices and product/service profiles. TOCS works together with each client to determine the most appropriate combination of messages to meet their PR and marketing objectives.

From Assessment to Action

Designing and implementing a PR program capable of achieving client objectives begins with evaluating and understanding the current state of affairs. You must know where you are to get to where you want to go. When we work with a new client, TOCS begins by researching and surveying key stakeholder groups, using the resulting insights to clearly identify issues and challenges that need to be addressed. Our mission is to provide clients with a “living” PR program ・one that can deliver the desired results because it is crafted from the best possible combination of elements and flexibly adjusted to accommodate changing business/economic/social conditions.

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