Business environment has been undergoing substantial changes amid the progress of media’s diversification and companies’ globalization. Only one thing that remains unchanged. That is trust.

TOCS has been able to build up trust mutually with our clients thanks largely to our high skills and professionalism we have developed steadily for all these years. These skills area supported by our planning ability to match the clients’ needs, highly specialized professionalism based on rich data and knowledge we have accumulated every day, and internationality with broad perspective, as demonstrated in our weekly “Canadian Review” blogs, written in English and Japanese.

At TOCS, we have three highly competent and competitive teams with expertise – Healthcare, Technology, and Global – to make utmost use of these skills. In addition, two more specialized teams – Corporate and Consumer – make our company’s resources.

TOCS as an independent public relations agency does not belong to any global agency, nor receives many commissioned work from big ad agencies or PR companies. Most of our businesses come from our networks of people and trust we have built with 27 years of track record and experience, directly from clients or indirectly through someone’s introduction via our networks.

We have no name recognition as big agencies enjoy, or conspicuous events known to everyone are happening frequently to make our work easy. But we strive to serve you to meet your needs in steady ways as your most trustworthy PR agency on the basis of the trust you have placed in us. That’s our way, TOCS way.


Kunihiko Tsujita
President and CEO
Total Communications System Inc.

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