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Second Trudeau administration launched on Nov.20 – with near impossible task of uniting Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s second administration was launched on Nov. 20, with a “mission impossible” to unite a divided Canada. In the Oct. 21 general election, Trudeau’s Liberal Party failed to win a majority but narrowly retained power as a minority government, winning 157 seats in the 338-seat House of Commons, compared with 184 seats it won in the 2015 election. The Conservative Party led by Andrew Scheer garnered the largest popular vote of 34.5% as against the Liberals’ 32.9%, but won only 121-seat, though 28 seats more than four years ago. Trudeau has said he will not form a coalition government with any of the opposition parties. He will […]

Will PM Trudeau be re-elected in the October election?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party are still in a damage control mode as their public support is hovering low following the prolonged “scandal.” Prospects for his re-election in the Canadian election in October look uncertain. With the election less than five months to go, the latest average approval rate of various polls for Trudeau’s Liberal Party has plunged to 29.8%, the lowest since the launch of the administration four years ago – trailing the opposition Conservative Party by as big as 6.4 percentage points. According to the CBC News (5/14), if the federal election is held today, the Conservatives would win a majority by 37% of certainty, […]

Shortage of legal cannabis may drag on into 2022 as cannabis edibles, drinks expected to cause ‘2nd wave’ of legalization in October

Much anticipated legalization of recreational cannabis went into force in Canada on Oct. 17 last year. Canada is the first to completely legalize cannabis nationally among the advanced countries, and the second to do so in the world, only after Uruguay. Four months have passed since then without big social confusion, except for empty store shelves spreading across the country soon after the legalization. Persistent shortage of legal cannabis continues as high demand in the boom continuing since the legalization does not seem to be slowing soon. “Licensed producers have been adding capacity in droves. Millions of square feet of new greenhouse space has been built since last summer. But […]

Marijuana legalization vs ‘Opioid crisis’

The Canadian Parliament approved in the Senate in June the bill, known as “Cannabis Act,” to lift the 95-year-old ban on cannabis and allow Canadian adults to openly smoke, ingest or grow the drug. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to delay the legalization until October to give the provinces more time to prepare for a smooth transition when the new law comes into force. This makes Canada the first developed country to legalize cannabis completely – not only medical marijuana but also recreational marijuana – nationwide.  In some U.S. states, recreational marijuana is legal, but the federal government bans marijuana for recreational consumption. In the world, Canada is second to […]

Canadian birders trying to make Canada jay the National Bird of Canada

At last, Canadians – and Canadian bird lovers in particular – will soon have their National Bird of Canada. Many countries of the world have their national birds that symbolize their countries and national features. Japan’s national bird is the Japanese green pheasant (“kiji”), which the Ornithological Society of Japan designated as such in 1947. Choosing national birds began in 1782 when the United States named the bold eagle as its national bird. Britain made the European robin its national bird and India chose the Indian peacock as its symbol bird. But, despite the vast nature and abundant wild life, with more than 450 species of birds thriving, Canada has […]

PM Trudeau under fire for being soft on Chinese firm’s takeover of Canadian satellite-technology company

This past summer, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government came under heavy fire from Canadians and Conservative politicians, as well as the U.S. defense and security professionals for Ottawa’s approval of a controversial Chinese firm’s takeover of a Vancouver satellite technology company without full-fledged national security review. This revealed Trudeau’s and his Liberal government’s very soft and “naïve” stance toward national security matters – and China. This Canadian company, Norsat International sells military-sensitive satellite technologies and materials to the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Its defense clients also include the Republic of Ireland Department of Defense, Taiwan Army and […]

Surge of international students at Canadian universities, B-schools

Canadian universities are increasingly popular with international students. Particularly, interests from American students are rising to record levels, as more of them appreciate Canada as a tolerant, stable and freer nation of more diversity in a world beset by political uncertainty, and division within countries. According to the Globe and Mail (May 14), unprecedented numbers of international students are coming to Canadian universities this fall, with some institutions seeing jumps of 25% or more in admission of students from abroad. Applications from international students were up by double digits this year, with record levels of interest from American students. Many observers had suggested that the election of Donald Trump was […]

Canada kept busy dealing with growing influx of asylum seekers fleeing Trump’s America

The number of asylum seekers crossing the border illegally from the U.S. into Canada has been rising rapidly since the turn of the year, keeping Canadian police and refugee officials busy. During the first two months of 2017, 1,134 asylum seekers were intercepted by Canadian police guarding the borders while crossing over from the U.S. into Canada. The number is already nearly half the total of illegal border crossers arrested during 2016. Most of them have been arrested when they tried to enter Quebec from New York. (Of the total, 677 were caught in Quebec, 161 in Manitoba, 291 in British Columbia and five in Saskatchewan.) Most of these asylum […]

Canada warily awaits President Trump’s debut

Donald Trump was elected the next U.S. President in the November election, defying all predictions and wishes against him. In Canada, which had opposed his presidency long before the election, more vehemently than any country, probably except Mexico, politicians and citizens are equally shocked by Trump’s victory. Three weeks before the Jan. 20 inauguration, the Trump administration is taking shape as names of people for major White House and Cabinet posts are being announced. While the world is watching anxiously what the Trump presidency would bring to them, Canadian people still seem to be having difficulty to accept Trump’s “surprise” victory – now already two months earlier. There seemed to […]

Liberal government allowing more immigrants to come to Canada; Over 300,000 newcomers landed in past year, highest since 1971

Canada is known as a multi-ethnic, multi-culture country friendly to newcomers. Even during the past 10 years of the Conservative rule, new immigrants were arriving in Canada constantly every year. Immigrants have been increasing rapidly since the Liberal Party took power a year ago. When antipathy is rising toward immigrants in the U.S., Britain and many other countries — as shown by the Donald Trump phenomenon and Brexit — Canada is increasing the immigration target for years to come, and even relaxing regulations on incoming temporary foreign workers is being discussed. According to the latest Statics Canada report of its annual population count, in the past year to July, 320,932 […]

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